Current Projects;

My interests in contemporary art lie in the notion that, nowadays, Art is very much a vehicle for ‘visual philosophy’ (Hawthorn, 1995). The body of work created through my journey of exploration reflects the idea that every object we see, use, or touch provides a tiny element of our own identity.
We often overlook the obvious in our daily journey of life. In a way, we dismiss the 'things we leave behind';  - the title of my final project for my BA degree.

While we might engage deeply with some subjects, especially during heightened moments of contact or exploration, we also take so many for granted. This even extends to people we meet, as well as animate or inanimate objects. Our experiences, on a quotidian plain, are stored away in our minds from just a select few of these fragments of images, but we can usually only describe them in words; generally, we are confined in a linguistic representation of the world around us, - which becomes our own reality.

In a way, art provides a mechanism to escape from this reality, and in the words of Kandinsky (1866 - 1944), “Art satisfies an inner need”. 

You do not need to be of a religious persuasion to find a spiritual engagement, when viewing any form of art. Nevertheless, my own focus is to help viewers engage with my work, to experience a contemplative, effective, change of state, even if only momentary, whilst pondering and considering “Things left behind”.


Whilst I am usually able to produce simple drawing or painting commissions within tight time-scales, of typically, a few days, for more complex projects and sculpture in particular, I prefer to take several weeks or even months to properly research; develop themes, and then create finished artefacts.

Throughout my creative process, I discuss and experiment with the client, including mock-up drawings and paintings: digital, acrylics and watercolour; and / or maquettes of sculptural forms.

Before embarking on any commission, I am happy to discuss requirements up-front, with the aim of providing a likely estimation of time-scales to suit both your needs and what I consider to be achievable.

My outputs have been developed from a variety of materials to date, including the typical painting  of Watercolour, Acrylic and Oil based mediums, together with woods, metals, textile, stone plaster & concrete and other re-purposed materials. 

The self initiated themes that I've choosen for past works, which have often become lengthy bodies of work and research in their own right, tend towards the philosophical, psychological and quotidian.

It is through the various interpretations of these meta-encounters that I attempt to create artefacts that reflect the fragments of my research, in ways that are often didactic, yet humorous, quirky or even mischievous.


Master's Degree 2017

Graduation date of July 2016

10th - 24th June, 2016 

January - March 2016

November 2015

June 2015

December 2014 to September 2015

May 2014

November 2013

September 2013

- Graduated with MA "With Distinction" in Digital Media (Art)

- Graduated with full BA (Hons) "First Class"

- Three Years in Two Weeks (3Y2W) Exhibition, Graduate Show, University of Huddersfield. (3Y2W Exhibition)

- The Art Walk Exhibition, University of Huddersfield

-  Bookbinding & Book Making Workshops, Huddersfield Gallery & Library with Finnish Artist, Elina Rantasuo and students from University of Huddersfield.
                See the blog here >> Bookbinding

– The Northern Portrait Exhibition, 1830 Gallery, Halifax.
               See the blog here >> Northern Portrait Exhibition 

 – Teaching Mature Students at The Huddersfield Mission
Art Group; (Vulnerable Adults, Adults with learning difficulties, mental health issues and those affected by substance abuse etc.), Thursday afternoon programme originally for 6 months extended until return to University,

– 1st Year Undergraduate Art Show,  The Café on 2, University of Huddersfield.

- Pop-up Gallery, The Zetland, Huddersfield.

- Commenced undergraduate degree studies for BA (Hons) Contemporary Fine Art & Illustration.


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