I am an Artist, Illustrator, Creator and Thinker... 

What I do:  I create contemporary and classical artworks that capture an essence of the soul found in my subjects, from portraits and landscapes to abstracts and still-life.  My aim is to always create art with affect (i.e. to produce a truly emotional response); so the viewer experiences an engagement with something that inspires, moves or changes the way one thinks about an object or subject in view.

Artistic Background:  How art manifests itself within our current culture, which is widely immersed in digitised and virtual realms, provides a philosophical opening for enquiry towards my research and practice.  

How do I work?  My work has developed from a process triad of 'context, pedagogy-research, and practice'; transforming an enquiry into creation of either contemporary or classical artefacts: as paintings, sculptures and installations and of course, digital media, including video, audio and complex visual projections using cutting edge orchestration techniques.

What can I do for you? If you are searching for a simple commission for a contemporary portrait, or need help with a larger engagement or digital project, I am happy to discuss your needs in detail with no obligation, before giving you an estimate of likely time-scales and fees. 

Should you have any questions, please click to contact me here.


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